Monday, September 14, 2009

Should have got this first

*Picture sourced from Games Workshop website

Collected my AoBR a short while ago. Should have gotten this first before I went out and bought everything else. So finally I have a rulebook and templates to game.

Also have sumore minis. The marines I'm keeping. Dunno about the Orks thought. They look good and all but I don't like painting skin and I'll probably never will. So if anybody's interested let me know. Maybe Legio should have a resident army for newbies to learn and play.

That's it for tonight. I've outdone myself with another double post in a day.

Time to work on my Chaos Predator.


Lord AK said...

Learn well the rules bro..
familiarize with the terms such as infantries and all.

And then we game :)

Ivan Ng said...

Will do bro.
Now rushing to finish up my army for the league.

deathkorps said...

Good man! You now have the essential wargear to play some games

Ivan Ng said...

Should have gotten it first before I went out and bought all my minis.