Sunday, September 27, 2009

Progress... Finally...

Hobby night was a blast.
The Nurgle Warmasters were at the hobby table, working towards Nurgle domination :p

Iqbal was high on his GS Rhino and mega convert Oblit.
Jeff got 14 models base painted <-- I don't know how you do it bro, but you DA MAN!
Azlan got his tiles to coma alive and ready for Legio Malaysia's first campaign <-- You're a paintbrush maestro.

The rest of the boys were gaming, eating, drinking and rolling dice.
KFC, Fried Chicken, Cookies and Coke = Happy war gaming people :)

So now to me, I got this mini from here

To here

and finally to here

It's still far from the finished product but progress is progress and I'm happy with it. The dip is awesome, just awesome. When I was doing his base coats I had my doubts cause he looked like a 3 year old kid painting his first model. The dip really brings the model to life (Thanks to Jeff for guiding me). Now it's under cover away from dust just waiting for the dip to cure so I can move to the next step, touch ups.

Few things that I need to improve on the models to follow;
- I need a slightly darker paint scheme. This one looks too much like the left half of Jeff's army (His is much better of course). Termies will stay this colour. DG's will get a darker shade and vehicles to be grayish.
- I need to finish base coating my models at a much faster rate. Jeff did 14 and I only did this 1 guy (Damn I'm slow) Thank god the tournament has been pushed back another week.
- I need to game to get experience. Yet to play my first game and have my ASS handed to me (Who called for fresh meat!)
- I need to prime all of them before I head to Legio, problem is I need an airbrush to basecoat them (Khairul where are you :p)

My random thoughts;
GW Skull White is so not worth it (inconsistent and too thin). Chaos Black on the other hand is awesome (consistent and easy to handle). I have way too many Valejo paints that I'll ever need. I need a digital camera. Everyone at Legio is so supportive, thanks guys. I don't need another army after my SM (yet to be named army), ooohhhh I like TAU...must resist temptation. Warhammer 40K is so much fun. I don't like working Saturdays cause then I have less time for my personal life and my hobbies. Why are weddings to expensive?

Thanks for stopping by.

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lingyadelaide said...

so proud of u! keep it up!! even it means by sacrificing alot of time with u, but u have my full support in this! Ur minis are awesome!

deathkorps said...

Nicely done dude- that Terminator is coming out GREAT! Keep it up, and you'll get this army done!