Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks GW :)

GW sent me a replacement box of Death Guard Plague Marines today :)
What's even better is that they included a CITADEL Available To Order Catalogue.

Here's how it started, on my 4th box of Death Guard Plague Marines, I found that they only gave me 6 mini's instead of 7. Plus the one missing was the ever famous Champion model with the Tabard. Apart from that everything else was complete.

Though I could have just used my Chaos Space Marine with Nurgle Icon to fill in the rank, but I decided what the heck I paid good money for it and I'm just gonna write to them and see what happenes.

GW was nice enough to send it to me through UPS and within 3 day's it arrived.
This really makes me happy :)

So here's to the GW Customer Service (Yan) and to GW for an awesome experience.

Thank You.


Let's just see what I have accomplished this week, shall we.

WIP of My Obliterators and Demon Prince.

All Based Up and waiting to be primed

Actually finished converting this guys 2 weeks back, but didn't have the time to assemble the hands and base them. The guy in front is the Chaos Space Marine with Nurgle Icon. He's about 12 to 13 years old right now. I also got the Chaos Space Marine with Khorne Icon.

Well... finally they're ready for base coat. I'm not entirely happy with them, but it's different from the standard form so this will have to do for now. Spend most of my time pinning the legs and trying not to make them look funny cause they're not supposed to be standing up. Think the extended arms look kinda funny too.

But this project was fun to do and I'll gladly convert more in the future. I cut my first model with a dremel and had to wait a week for the bone saw from GF9 to arrive (which is an excellent product). Took hours off my total cutting time :)

Also got around toassembling my Nurgle Demon Prince, which will be proxied as GUO or Smmoned Greater Demon.

Below are my other WIP;

Nurgle Demon Prince
Zombie Dragon Wings