Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trying to revive the hobby

Well folks, it seems that I have jumped back onto the Warhammer bandwagon and it's the same story everytime.
I keep buying stuff on impulse and the below is what I have

4 AoS armies 
1. Ironjawz (SOLD)
2. Beast Claw Raiders
3. Archaon and Varanguards (SOLD)
4. Tamurkhan and Leaping pox formation
5. Spiderfang Grots Venomfang Formation

1 40K Army (SOLD)
1. Dark Imperium Death Guard x 2
2. Easy Build: Death Guard Plague Marines x 2
3. Mortarion
4. Typhus: Hearald of the Plague God
5. Foul Blightspawn
6. Biologus Putrifier
7. Death Guard Dice x 2
8. Codex: Death Guard
9. Deathshroud Bodyguard

2 Kill Teams 
1. Militarium Tempestus (SOLD)
2. Deathwatch

1 Blood Bowl
1. Rotting Khorteks (SOLD)

4 Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire
1. Starter Box
2. Ironskull's Boyz Sleeves
3. Sepulchral Guard Sleeves
4. Steelheart's Champion Sleeves
5. Garrek's Reavers Sleeves
6. Ironskull's Boyz
7. Sepulchral Guard
8. Khorne Bloodbound Dice Pack

1. Garden of Moor x 3 (1 Attic, 2 Home)
2. Realm Gates (Attic)
3. Citadel Woods (Attic)
4. Skyshield Landing Pad (Attic)
5. Craters (Attic)
6. Magewrath Throne (Attic)
7. Aegis Defense Line (Attic)
8. Fortress of Redemption (Attic)
9. Soulblight Necropolis Game Mat (Home)

Hopefully I will be able to sell away 2 armies and consolidate into FW armies only.
1. Elysian Drop Troops
2. 30K Sons of Horus

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clearing out the closet sale!

My loss if your gain.

Dark Angels Battleforce + Command Squad (MYR 350)
Dark Angels Command Squad

Grey Knights army (MYR 800)

Necron Battleforce, Ghost Ark and Command Barge (MYR 500)

Previous Ed Tyranid Warrior (MYR120) 

Metal CSM Obliterators (MYR300)

Death Guard Termied with a metal Typhus (MYR150)

Death Guard Nurgle Prince (MYR200)

Chaos Rhino (MYR75ea)

Metal Death Guards (MYR150)

Metal Raptors (MYR120)
Bit box of CSM (MYR 70)
Metal Death Guards (150 per squad of 7)

Free with any purchase

FW Plague Hulk (MYR275)

Converted Tyrannofex (MYR 150)

CSM Chosen Marines (MYR 50)

Tyranif FW Shrikes (MYR 280)

FW Flying Rippers (MYR50)

Tyranid Hormagaunts (MYR 65)

30 Tyranid Gargoyles (MYR 200)

Metal Hive Guards (MYR 200)

Converted Tyranid Primes (MYR 50 & MYR70)

Converted Tyranid Prime (MYR 100)

Converted Tyranid Warriors (MYR 250)

Baneblade and Shadowsword (MYR 425 ea)

Eldar Fire Prism Metal (MYR 120)

Buy the Eldar and you get him free

Sancronary Guards (MYR 250)

Metal Plague Bearers with full command (MYR 180)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Death Troopers

Been a long time coming. The Elysian Drop Troop was always a dream army of mine but being a Forgeworld exclusive army it was expensive to build. So 4 years ago I went about purchasing 2 Imperial Guard Cadian Battleforce. I built a test mini and they just didn't scream Drop Troop. Hero scale is ugly and so out of proportion. So I went about purchasing the 9 Valkyrie/Vendetta as advised by Alvin. Like the Sancronary Guards, I long for something different as I always do with my armies.

Scouring through the internet for used minis and bits. I decided to bite the bullet and go wild. Forgeworld Elysian Drop Troop was ordered and I was dreading painting skin if I do decide to paint them. So to avoid having to ever needed to paint skin I present to you the Death Troopers.

Game board to follow suit. i love the internet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Superglue Advanced Formula!

Got my magic fix after work today and I present to you my assembled Guards Armoured Squadron. 2 HQ Shermans with an ARV, 2 Shermans and a Sherman Firefly. Huzzah!

What a sight!
Can you spot the HQ tank!

So fast, so easy and now I'm bored again cause they took less than an hour to get assembled. Mind you that's from box to what you see below.

On the 40K front, I've been selling off my IG army bit by bit to fund a FW army. Still undecided and hopefully by tomorrow I'll have more updates on that.

Till the next update. Keep on hobbying and roll some dice!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on Guards Armoured Squadron

Just a short update today. Basically cleaned, de-flashed, washed and partially assembled my Sherman tanks till the brush on my superglue dried up. Kinda frustrating when you're in the mood to hobby and something goes wrong. So tomorrow after work, to Bunnings I shall be going to stock up on superglue!

How I wish I was back in Malaysia where 7-11 was just around the corner and super glue is cheap as chips! But nonetheless today's progress was very encouraging and hopefully I can get the squad done by Thursday.

Maelstrom Games is currently re-stocking on FoW minis and I only hope that my order get's to me soon and by the looks of it, I might just have to take my time with this batch of tanks till reinforcements arrive in the mail.

It's funny how things end up. I used to game at the FoW manufacturing facility.
Moved to Adelaide and started FoW, buying the minis from a UK supplier when the game originates from NZ and is manufactured in Malaysia where I used to game. I never thought that I would ever start a FoW army.

Till the next posting. Cheerios!