Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thousand apologies

I'm just not used to this blogging thingy.
I've been busy working on my mini's and I still don't have a proper camera to take pictures.

Anyways here's some of what I have from my trusty old SE K750i

Demon Princes with Wings, about 30% done

3 Death Guard Champions

Right now these are about 50% - 80% done (NOTHING IS PAINTED YET)
2 Chaos Demon prince with wings.
4 squads of Death Guards (4 Champions with PF, 4 Meltas, 2 Flamers and 2 other with interchangeable weapons)
6 Oblits (Standing Straight Conversion)
4 Chaos Rhinos (Stock)
5 Chaos Termies (4 Combi-Meltas and 1 Heavy Flamer)
5 Chaos Raptors (2 Meltas)

What's still pending
6 Chaos Bikers (Champ with Combi weapon and 2 Melta's)
1 Chaos Land Raider (Not Converted yet)
1 Undivided Demon Prince
1 Nurgle Demon Prince

I'm thinking of adding 5 more Chaos termies and a Chaos Land Raider.
Also toying with the idea of running 5 Chosen with either 4 Flamers or 4 Melta's with a Champ with IoCG for the Summoned Greater Demon :)

I'm so deep in mini's it's not funny anymore. I dunno how I'm gonna get them done. Still waiting for my Citadel Paint Wash set to arrive.

Another army lies idle under my table cause I'm very good at impulse buying... more on that another day.