Sunday, February 3, 2013

Death Troopers

Been a long time coming. The Elysian Drop Troop was always a dream army of mine but being a Forgeworld exclusive army it was expensive to build. So 4 years ago I went about purchasing 2 Imperial Guard Cadian Battleforce. I built a test mini and they just didn't scream Drop Troop. Hero scale is ugly and so out of proportion. So I went about purchasing the 9 Valkyrie/Vendetta as advised by Alvin. Like the Sancronary Guards, I long for something different as I always do with my armies.

Scouring through the internet for used minis and bits. I decided to bite the bullet and go wild. Forgeworld Elysian Drop Troop was ordered and I was dreading painting skin if I do decide to paint them. So to avoid having to ever needed to paint skin I present to you the Death Troopers.

Game board to follow suit. i love the internet.