Saturday, November 7, 2009

Progress of the week

Was busy the whole of last week and didn't get much done except for this guy right here. It's the oldest Death Guard mini I have and it's the icon bearer. Decided to paint him up in a shade of green. Picture is kinda blurry and out of focus and all but you get the picture.
I like this! It looks like any other DG army out there :p

Also I finally bought Simple Green and was all eager to see what the fuss was about this miracle which was sworn over by so many loyal miniature collectors eager to undo the unholiness of painting. I'M PH'REAKIN CONVINCED! In 24 hours I have managed to remove 15 years worth of sacrilege to my poor old minis. Below are the before and after images. I promise you guys out there, this thing works. It peels off like the skin of a charred pepper soaked in ice cold water. If you need to undo painting that has gone so very wrong or decide to re-paint your minis then this is it. RM19.90 at all Ace Hardware stores. Booya!
When I was younger, so much younger than today I painted this Manticore!

All I did was to brush it with an old tooth brush and rinse in water.

Miracle I tell ya. Miracle. But the stuff burns though, so remember to use protection for those with sensitive skin.