Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trying to revive the hobby

Well folks, it seems that I have jumped back onto the Warhammer bandwagon and it's the same story everytime.
I keep buying stuff on impulse and the below is what I have

4 AoS armies 
1. Ironjawz
2. Beast Claw Raiders
3. Archaon and Varanguards
4. Tamurkhan and Leaping pox formation

2 Kill Teams 
1. Militarium Tempestus
2. Deathwatch

1 Blood Bowl
1. Rotting Khorteks

1. Garden of Moor
2. Real Gates
3. Citadel Woods
4. Skyshield Landing Pad

Hopefully I will be able to sell away 2 armies and consolidate into FW armies only.
1. Elysian Drop Troops
2. 30K Sons of Horus