Sunday, September 27, 2009

Keeping the ball rolling...

Slow slow Sunday and BAM my second mini is based and dipped in under an hour.
The DIP is a miracle worker. Just base it like a kid would paint and the dip does the rest.
It's no Eavy Metal or most people's standard but for me, it's a gift from the heavens. I'm not a good painter and I suffer from severe IBS (Itchy Backside Syndrome) and to have him out in 1 hour. Man it feels good.

This is my converted Typhus. I didn't like having him in my army as Typhus but I love the mini so much that I decided to convert him into a normal terminator so I can use him in my games (What a pose I tell ya).

On a side note, I got these plastic cases from Daiso at e@Curve. RM5 and they're perfect for drying minis and transporting large minis. Located on the 3rd floor above Borders/Reject Shop, Daiso is like a dream come true. Imported Japanese stuff at RM5, genius I tell ya. The amount of items that they have is mind boggling. Some items are so worth buying and others can be found else where for a lower price.

Stack-able and neat (I love plastic cases)

My mini's left to dry away from dust.

So there you have it. 2 mini's in 3 day's.

Who's next...

Progress... Finally...

Hobby night was a blast.
The Nurgle Warmasters were at the hobby table, working towards Nurgle domination :p

Iqbal was high on his GS Rhino and mega convert Oblit.
Jeff got 14 models base painted <-- I don't know how you do it bro, but you DA MAN!
Azlan got his tiles to coma alive and ready for Legio Malaysia's first campaign <-- You're a paintbrush maestro.

The rest of the boys were gaming, eating, drinking and rolling dice.
KFC, Fried Chicken, Cookies and Coke = Happy war gaming people :)

So now to me, I got this mini from here

To here

and finally to here

It's still far from the finished product but progress is progress and I'm happy with it. The dip is awesome, just awesome. When I was doing his base coats I had my doubts cause he looked like a 3 year old kid painting his first model. The dip really brings the model to life (Thanks to Jeff for guiding me). Now it's under cover away from dust just waiting for the dip to cure so I can move to the next step, touch ups.

Few things that I need to improve on the models to follow;
- I need a slightly darker paint scheme. This one looks too much like the left half of Jeff's army (His is much better of course). Termies will stay this colour. DG's will get a darker shade and vehicles to be grayish.
- I need to finish base coating my models at a much faster rate. Jeff did 14 and I only did this 1 guy (Damn I'm slow) Thank god the tournament has been pushed back another week.
- I need to game to get experience. Yet to play my first game and have my ASS handed to me (Who called for fresh meat!)
- I need to prime all of them before I head to Legio, problem is I need an airbrush to basecoat them (Khairul where are you :p)

My random thoughts;
GW Skull White is so not worth it (inconsistent and too thin). Chaos Black on the other hand is awesome (consistent and easy to handle). I have way too many Valejo paints that I'll ever need. I need a digital camera. Everyone at Legio is so supportive, thanks guys. I don't need another army after my SM (yet to be named army), ooohhhh I like TAU...must resist temptation. Warhammer 40K is so much fun. I don't like working Saturdays cause then I have less time for my personal life and my hobbies. Why are weddings to expensive?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Update

Glued and tracked 4 Rhinos.
Prepped and magnetized Predator sponsons. Now I'm left waiting for my 3mm rare earth magnets to arrive before I can magnetize the turret. Progress is slow but at least there's progress.

Also finally found the right way to do my bases. Sad thing is I already ruined so many 40mm bases.
All part of hobbying I guess.

Back to work then...

Have a good night.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the mail today

Games Workshop came true again. Delivering my new Space Hulk tiles in record time. Pos Malaysia desecrated the brown box and the tiles fell out. Thank god it was packed to the brim with plastic air bubble bags, so nothing was damaged.

Mail order is so addictive!

Also in are Cities of Death rulebook and Codex: Chaos Demons.

Cities of Death is highly recommended by Jeff and Azlan.
Codex: Chaos Demons is for my personal collection. 4 Codex and counting.... What's next?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Should have got this first

*Picture sourced from Games Workshop website

Collected my AoBR a short while ago. Should have gotten this first before I went out and bought everything else. So finally I have a rulebook and templates to game.

Also have sumore minis. The marines I'm keeping. Dunno about the Orks thought. They look good and all but I don't like painting skin and I'll probably never will. So if anybody's interested let me know. Maybe Legio should have a resident army for newbies to learn and play.

That's it for tonight. I've outdone myself with another double post in a day.

Time to work on my Chaos Predator.

Over the weekend

Hobby night was awesome as usual. Turned up late but still managed to mingle. Many battles were raged, many mini's were painted and modeled. Jeff's Unclean was really turning out to be one uber army. It's funny how he makes it look so simple. Iqbal was on a modeling spree with his Chaos Nurgle "Rojak" army. So many bit's and pieces from so many armies... I'm impressed :) Dann was trying out his new Eldar armylist, Alvin's Chaos Alpha Legion was looking very sweet indeed. So many gamers, so little time... I need to get to hobby night's earlier...

Didn't manage to get much done over the weekend as I had a very sleepy and lazy Saturday.

First thing on the list;
Wings for my Nurgle Demon Prince and a little GS work just to fill the gaps here and there. Still a long way more for this fella. I would say that he's a little over 30% done. Still need to fill in more gaps and make him even more putrid and disgusting

Demon Prince of Nurgle. (Might use him as a Greater Demon)

Next was this guy, I figured I wanted a Chaos Marine Lord. Found the lightning claws from my Raptor champion and off I went cutting it to size...

Chaos Lord with Twin Ligthning Claws

So brutal was this mini that when I was cutting down his claws, the Dark Lords decided that I was long overdue on my annual blood sacrifice.

Picture taken today as it was hurting like hell yesterday.

I had a deep cut on my left thumb. About 1 cm deep. Oh how I love new blades. Now I'm handicapped and I can't do any major work cause it hurts and I can't hold anything small with it.

The Common Cold will definitely take a few steps back this week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Space Hulk, but I'm dissapointed.

I finally got my copy of Space Hulk.
I was excited as hell. I carefully removed the plastic wrapping with a hobby blade. Careful not to damage anything. I'm like that, very careful with things that are precious to me. This is to be part of my collection and not for gaming.

Opened it and the smell was holy, couldn't make out if it was Chinese air or British air anyways the mini's looked awesome. The casting was mint and everything was perfect except for this one little thing which broke my heart....


Seeing how this was supposed to be part of my collection, I'm devastated. Utterly speechless. Everything else was fine except this. Oh the agony, this always happens to me. Why oh why....

Guess it's just my dumb luck. Thanks for the disappointment GW.

It was like a dream come true for me....

Minis are superb...

Question: Should I sell it away or game it like I stole it?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Hobby Night

What a night it turned out to be. Thought I arrived late there was only Azlan (, Jeff ( Kieran at Legio ( Music was blasting, hobby was intensive and when CLUTCH came on that's when things started to kick into gear. I admit, Clutch is catchy... very catchy. Nice One!

Imperial Bastion is a little smaller than I imagined it to be but when Lan was done with it, oh man it was sweet. He also had a custom made bunker, which I think is the base of the Bastion. Beautiful, just marvelous. Its amazing what can be done with a laser cutting machine.

But the highlight of the night had to be the Jeff's rhino with EXTRA ARMOR. Home made, laser freaking cut with inscriptions so small a smurf couldn't even read it kinda awesomeness.
I was blown away by the level last night. At times I felt shy with what little accomplishment I had brought with me :p

Managed to show and tell my puny uncompleted army and got many encouraging words from the guys (Thanks guys, I'm inspired to achieve more now)

I'm a true believer of the dip technique, Jeff's Unclean Termies were awe inspiring. So so so simply awesome. Dann is coming to his dipping senses I hope.

Got some hobby tips from all the senior gamers last night. First thing on the shopping list is MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211 for that dark nurgly feel. Followed by MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211 just in-case I missed it out. ahhahaah Third is TAMIYA COLOR for plastics; Flat Clear for after the dip is done. Last but not least basing material. My Oblits had GW basing material on them, thought they looked okayyyy to me. Jeff did point it out that it looked too chunky. Initially that's what I was looking for, but after looking at what the other guys had on their bases I think I need to find some really fine grit to re-do mine.

Today after work, I headed to 1 Utama TAMIYA UNDERGROUND. 2 can's of TAMIYA COLOR for plastics; Flat Clear ( Stopped off KFC for my monthly sinful 'DINNER PLATE' chicken run. Then off to IKANO ACE hardware, MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211. Then I spent another 2 hour looking for fine basing grit. Was searching high and low for it everywhere from Ikano --> IKEA to The Curve. Finally made my way to Pet's Wonderland in Ikano to look at dog's to ease my frustration away.

On my way out, I stumble upon a group of young kids pointing and laughing at a box of furry creatures. Curiosity (busy-body-ness) got the better of me and I took a peek. Stupid hamsters playing in a box. WOW, how amusing I thought. Then it bloody hit me. Hamster bath sand. I used to have hamster and yeah, they did bathe in sand. So off I went like a little Einstein to the hamster section. Being me, I took the cheapest and last one there (not scented and only RM7.90)

The loot of the day.

On the way back home I stopped by GC for my weekly dose of Warhammer. Dann was there with his Eldar against Tau. I didn't bring my minis, so it's another week without game (sorry Dann). Then I had to go cause of dinner plans.

I love hobby night. So much fun. Now I have dip, there is no excuse for me to delay my army. Target time, 1 month from today.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday Futsal Night Progress

Didn't get much done today cause I had to work late and it's futsal night.

Tidied up my Chosen Marines, added more details to them to make them more Nurgly.
Nurgle Demon Prince is coming along nicely. Won't be doing much to him besides pinning and adding wings. Might make his wings detachable cause the 2 that I currently have right now is a paint to transport.

Anyways, here is my latest addition....from yesterday..... A terminator with Twin Lightning Claws.
This fella here is the sole CC Terminator in the squad of 7.

Helmet is from the Chaos Possessed Marine Squad, which I think give's him the extra uumph! but he looks so very different from the squad cause of the helmet.
Gonna add more plague and pox on him before the rest of the bits go on.

In the mean time, Have A Great Day Ahead.....

I'm off to Legio Malaysia tonight.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Common Cold 1,750 armylist

Well guys, progress on my army has been steady in the last month.
Most of my mini's are done and after getting feedback from the boys here is my first 1,750 list

The Common Cold 1,750 armylist

Nurgle Demon Prince 175
Mark Of Nurgle

Nurgle Demon Prince 175
Mark Of Nurgle

Chosen Marines x7 286
Nurgle Icon
Power Weapon
Melta Bomb
Meltagun x2
Flamers x2
Chaos Rhino
Extra Armor

Death Guards x7 271
Plague Champion
Power Fist
Meltagun x2
Chaos Rhino
Extra Armor

Death Guards x7 271
Plague Champion
Power Fist
Meltagun x2
Chaos Rhino
Extra Armor

Death Guards x7 271
Plague Champion
Power Fist
Meltagun x2
Chaos Rhino
Extra Armor

Chaos Obliterators x2 150

Chaos Obliterators x2 150

From start to finish, it's been since May that I decided to get back into WH40K and this is now almost completed. All that's left now it so prime, assemble and paint d:) Sounds easy enough...

Also this Friday will be my first visit to Hobby Night at Legio :)
Can't wait to get there and pick up tips on painting my army. Also gonna help Jeff build tables :)
Finally, I can enjoy Warhammer again without worries I used to have in my yesteryear.


Here's a sneak preview of the army. (I ran out of special weapons, so i had to improvise :p)
The Chosen Ones