Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Hobby Night

What a night it turned out to be. Thought I arrived late there was only Azlan (, Jeff ( Kieran at Legio ( Music was blasting, hobby was intensive and when CLUTCH came on that's when things started to kick into gear. I admit, Clutch is catchy... very catchy. Nice One!

Imperial Bastion is a little smaller than I imagined it to be but when Lan was done with it, oh man it was sweet. He also had a custom made bunker, which I think is the base of the Bastion. Beautiful, just marvelous. Its amazing what can be done with a laser cutting machine.

But the highlight of the night had to be the Jeff's rhino with EXTRA ARMOR. Home made, laser freaking cut with inscriptions so small a smurf couldn't even read it kinda awesomeness.
I was blown away by the level last night. At times I felt shy with what little accomplishment I had brought with me :p

Managed to show and tell my puny uncompleted army and got many encouraging words from the guys (Thanks guys, I'm inspired to achieve more now)

I'm a true believer of the dip technique, Jeff's Unclean Termies were awe inspiring. So so so simply awesome. Dann is coming to his dipping senses I hope.

Got some hobby tips from all the senior gamers last night. First thing on the shopping list is MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211 for that dark nurgly feel. Followed by MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211 just in-case I missed it out. ahhahaah Third is TAMIYA COLOR for plastics; Flat Clear for after the dip is done. Last but not least basing material. My Oblits had GW basing material on them, thought they looked okayyyy to me. Jeff did point it out that it looked too chunky. Initially that's what I was looking for, but after looking at what the other guys had on their bases I think I need to find some really fine grit to re-do mine.

Today after work, I headed to 1 Utama TAMIYA UNDERGROUND. 2 can's of TAMIYA COLOR for plastics; Flat Clear ( Stopped off KFC for my monthly sinful 'DINNER PLATE' chicken run. Then off to IKANO ACE hardware, MINWAX Wood Finish: Provincial 211. Then I spent another 2 hour looking for fine basing grit. Was searching high and low for it everywhere from Ikano --> IKEA to The Curve. Finally made my way to Pet's Wonderland in Ikano to look at dog's to ease my frustration away.

On my way out, I stumble upon a group of young kids pointing and laughing at a box of furry creatures. Curiosity (busy-body-ness) got the better of me and I took a peek. Stupid hamsters playing in a box. WOW, how amusing I thought. Then it bloody hit me. Hamster bath sand. I used to have hamster and yeah, they did bathe in sand. So off I went like a little Einstein to the hamster section. Being me, I took the cheapest and last one there (not scented and only RM7.90)

The loot of the day.

On the way back home I stopped by GC for my weekly dose of Warhammer. Dann was there with his Eldar against Tau. I didn't bring my minis, so it's another week without game (sorry Dann). Then I had to go cause of dinner plans.

I love hobby night. So much fun. Now I have dip, there is no excuse for me to delay my army. Target time, 1 month from today.



Vuel said...'re into the dip-mania too..

good to know that I'll be seeing your army on table in 1 months time..

deathkorps said...

Nice one! Your stuff is going to look AWESOME when you get it all painted up. Your putty work is really good- I'm envious!

Ivan Ng said...

Wow, thanks Jeff. I'm honored. I always looked at you and Lan as mentors. Would really love for you to teach me how to paint. Your painting is skills is just mind boggling and you make it sound like nothing.

deathkorps said...

Well, pull up a chair on hobby nights and I'm happy to share some nuggets o' hobby... ;)