Monday, September 14, 2009

Over the weekend

Hobby night was awesome as usual. Turned up late but still managed to mingle. Many battles were raged, many mini's were painted and modeled. Jeff's Unclean was really turning out to be one uber army. It's funny how he makes it look so simple. Iqbal was on a modeling spree with his Chaos Nurgle "Rojak" army. So many bit's and pieces from so many armies... I'm impressed :) Dann was trying out his new Eldar armylist, Alvin's Chaos Alpha Legion was looking very sweet indeed. So many gamers, so little time... I need to get to hobby night's earlier...

Didn't manage to get much done over the weekend as I had a very sleepy and lazy Saturday.

First thing on the list;
Wings for my Nurgle Demon Prince and a little GS work just to fill the gaps here and there. Still a long way more for this fella. I would say that he's a little over 30% done. Still need to fill in more gaps and make him even more putrid and disgusting

Demon Prince of Nurgle. (Might use him as a Greater Demon)

Next was this guy, I figured I wanted a Chaos Marine Lord. Found the lightning claws from my Raptor champion and off I went cutting it to size...

Chaos Lord with Twin Ligthning Claws

So brutal was this mini that when I was cutting down his claws, the Dark Lords decided that I was long overdue on my annual blood sacrifice.

Picture taken today as it was hurting like hell yesterday.

I had a deep cut on my left thumb. About 1 cm deep. Oh how I love new blades. Now I'm handicapped and I can't do any major work cause it hurts and I can't hold anything small with it.

The Common Cold will definitely take a few steps back this week.

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deathkorps said...

Aw that sucks, getting your thumb smote in the name of Chaos. Still, blood sacrifices are always welcome!

Your stuff is looking sweet dude. When are we going to see a pic of a completed, painted model yo?