Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the mail today

Games Workshop came true again. Delivering my new Space Hulk tiles in record time. Pos Malaysia desecrated the brown box and the tiles fell out. Thank god it was packed to the brim with plastic air bubble bags, so nothing was damaged.

Mail order is so addictive!

Also in are Cities of Death rulebook and Codex: Chaos Demons.

Cities of Death is highly recommended by Jeff and Azlan.
Codex: Chaos Demons is for my personal collection. 4 Codex and counting.... What's next?


Lord AK said...

Wow.. they replace your damaged tiles? In such a short time also. Awesome!

I've played cities of death with Azlan once long time ago. Yeah.. it is fun. But it requires a lot of buildings. So you can only do that in GC or Balau.

Let's play the CoD after raya :)

ah.. why the Daemon dex? You want to collect Daemons??

Ivan Ng said...

Codex is for my reading bro :)
Always been a big fan of demons too :)

Might start a Chaos Demons army one day :)

deathkorps said...

Not to be a butt or anything, but Lord Ak is wrong about only being able to play CoD at GC or Balau. We have enough buildings at Legio to play scenarios in the book, and we've assembled and basecoated additional buildings that will allow all the scenarios to be played at Legio...

Awesome you got those books- will you be doing a Nurgle demon army?

Ivan Ng said...

No Jeff, not anytime soon at least. I got too much on my plate as it is.

deathkorps said...

Hahahah understood. Well, get crackin' on that Death Guard army!