Sunday, February 3, 2013

Death Troopers

Been a long time coming. The Elysian Drop Troop was always a dream army of mine but being a Forgeworld exclusive army it was expensive to build. So 4 years ago I went about purchasing 2 Imperial Guard Cadian Battleforce. I built a test mini and they just didn't scream Drop Troop. Hero scale is ugly and so out of proportion. So I went about purchasing the 9 Valkyrie/Vendetta as advised by Alvin. Like the Sancronary Guards, I long for something different as I always do with my armies.

Scouring through the internet for used minis and bits. I decided to bite the bullet and go wild. Forgeworld Elysian Drop Troop was ordered and I was dreading painting skin if I do decide to paint them. So to avoid having to ever needed to paint skin I present to you the Death Troopers.

Game board to follow suit. i love the internet.


deathkorps said...

Hey, hey! Blog activity!!

What are these guys? Undead IG or what? Do tell!

What game board are you making?

Ivan Ng said...

Hey Warmaster. These will be Undead Air Cav Elysian Drop Troopers. Kinda like Ghost Rider. Still serving the Emperor minus the heart beat. Planning to build a full trench board. Alvin advised against getting the GW game board so I'll also start a Pre Heresy soon.

khairul said...

Hey bro :). Good to see you blogging again. How's life down under?

Those elysian drop trooper are really nice. I've always wanted to start one. Look forward to seeing more progress :)

Vuel said...

Oh my go, it's alive! :D
Good to hear from you again, bro.

An undead IG army, huh? Nice concept you have there, something that is our of the ordinary.

As usual, you gotta paint them bro.
Tips: other than the obvious rotting flesh colour, the Aggrax Earthshade, Athonian Camoshade, and Seraphim Sephia washes will be your best friend for this army.