Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Superglue Advanced Formula!

Got my magic fix after work today and I present to you my assembled Guards Armoured Squadron. 2 HQ Shermans with an ARV, 2 Shermans and a Sherman Firefly. Huzzah!

What a sight!
Can you spot the HQ tank!

So fast, so easy and now I'm bored again cause they took less than an hour to get assembled. Mind you that's from box to what you see below.

On the 40K front, I've been selling off my IG army bit by bit to fund a FW army. Still undecided and hopefully by tomorrow I'll have more updates on that.

Till the next update. Keep on hobbying and roll some dice!


khairul said...

Well done!! Those are really nice. I've never actually seen a built up ARV before.

And no ...i can't guess which is the command tank...

Now all u need is to paint them bro :)
More fun then building them me.

Vuel said...

Easy, ain't it?..and they're really nice to look at too..

deathkorps said...

Nice progress dude! Keep up the FOW hobby and keeping blogging!

Alvin Khaw said...

Wah, really nice. Hope to see more soon man..