Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on Guards Armoured Squadron

Just a short update today. Basically cleaned, de-flashed, washed and partially assembled my Sherman tanks till the brush on my superglue dried up. Kinda frustrating when you're in the mood to hobby and something goes wrong. So tomorrow after work, to Bunnings I shall be going to stock up on superglue!

How I wish I was back in Malaysia where 7-11 was just around the corner and super glue is cheap as chips! But nonetheless today's progress was very encouraging and hopefully I can get the squad done by Thursday.

Maelstrom Games is currently re-stocking on FoW minis and I only hope that my order get's to me soon and by the looks of it, I might just have to take my time with this batch of tanks till reinforcements arrive in the mail.

It's funny how things end up. I used to game at the FoW manufacturing facility.
Moved to Adelaide and started FoW, buying the minis from a UK supplier when the game originates from NZ and is manufactured in Malaysia where I used to game. I never thought that I would ever start a FoW army.

Till the next posting. Cheerios!


Vuel said...

Bro, it's called irony.

I'd like to advise you to finish assembling and painting what you have first. Once you get the feeling (and discovered how easy it is to paint them), only then shall you do your next purchase.

Just my 2 cents.

Ivan Ng said...

You know me bro, I always buy on impulse. Always getting more than I need. Anyways I will need to wait for the paints to arrive before I can start painting. But the thought of getting an Axis army has already crossed my mind.

khairul said...

Nice progress there Lt. Now get those shermans painted up asap!! Our boys are gonna need them!!
Thats an order!!!!

Bro...blame those 2 wacky dudes at Legio for yr current addiction to fow hehe. Good times ahead at Legio planned for this year :)
U's need an extended leave of service and head back home homie ;)

deathkorps said...

Exactly! May 4 the eastern front will see total war!