Saturday, February 19, 2011

KINDRED II and biting off more than you can chew!


It's that time again and I'm glad I'll be able to make it back for Kindred II.
My old partner Dann has taken off with a wolf and my new partner in crime Kadir and I will be taking on the great generals at KINDRED II.

I had my best fun at Kindred last year and winning the People's Choice Award was the highlight of my hobbying 'career' and I'm truly thankful to those around me. However KII brings new challenges and generals to the fray. Great generals with great armies, cheesy ones to fluffy ones. Great converters and painters, ready to wow everyone with the stroke of their brushes and green stuffing skills. Oh yes, it will be great!

Me being a gaming noob, will need all the help I can get from my partner. Since I started this hobby I've only had about 8 games in total in 3 years. I'm not really into the gaming, much rather prefer to model and convert to my fickle hearts desire. But one thing that set's me apart from them, the ability to never finish and army. Oh yes folks, I do not have a single finished army. True that I have the minis to make the army, but they're all in dire need of painting... From my Death Guard cheese dual Daemon Prince to the Warrior brood of Hive Vo'rad. They're all in need of paint. I'm not going to start about how I'm not a good painter or anything, just that I never get around to painting them. With me moving to Adelaide, it's gotten worse. My paints and minis are in Malaysia and I'm here with my brushes and green stuff.

Maybe it's time to sell off the old army and settle with just one. But then again, that has never been a good excuse for any wargamer. With constant releases of updated armies, one can only wonder what goes on in a gamers mind! Getting back on track, I can't wait to get back to game and catch up with the Legio Malaysia and Hobby Forge boys. Till KII, happy hobbying and good night!

Anyways, below is the Kindred II Rulespack Hardcore in pdf. Enjoy


khairul said...


No pics of yr WIP K2 army??? :)

Ni, siapa ajar all these keeping secrets thing ni?? We need to give him a hard kick up the arse!!!

Anyways, AWESOME that you're coming back for K2 bro. Good luck with the painting.

Ivan Ng said...

I would if I could, but I learned from the best. Even the Keeper of Secrets couldn't keep a secret better than him. Anyways I'm still waiting for the green light before I proceed ;) What I lack in painting, hopefully I make up for in modelling.

Vuel said...

err, that's It?..can't wait to see your Mega Project, just damn Eager man..Really hope It turns out as awesome As your Last army at the first kindred..

anyway, Great to know U Are coming back..till then, Rock on Dude!!


Ivan Ng said...

Errr, thanks bro. I can't wait to get back too. Transporting the new army will be a pain for sure ;)

deathkorps said...

Dude, if it's going to be a pain to bring them back yourself, why not post the army ahead of you? Just wrap each fig in bubble wrap and fedex it over :) I've done that very thing before.

Great to hear you'll be in town for K2!

Lord AK said...

Take your time bro, you can do it!! :)

Ivan Ng said...

@Jeff: I don't think I can make it on time if I post it. Will take at least 3 weeks to ship stuff over to Malaysia and my paints are only arriving in 3-4 weeks. But I might ship my stuff to Adelaide.
@AK: Thanks, but I need to rush oso. Converting is not easy wei. Plus I'm waiting for the bits to arrive :)