Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update, small but still...

My GF's gone to Adelaide for 2 months, so that leaves me with lots of time to game and hobby(I miss her though). Been real busy the last couple a weeks, hence the lack of updates on my blog.

Today I test painted my Chosen Marine Champion. Wanted to test out a few schemes for my army before I go ahead and paint the lot. As always I'm not happy with him after being dipped, but if it's anything like the Termies, then it should turn out fine after a coat of matt spray.

Chosen Champion

My Death Guards and Oblits are being primed white as we speak and more minis are being assembled. Sad though, I can't make it for Legio''s Tournament in November due to work. SIGH!

Also completed are my bases. Basecoat Chaos Black, Drybrush with Vallejo Cold Grey and Flock from GF9 Marsh Blend.

Chaos Lord and Sorceror base

Biker bases all set and done.
Notice there are 8 bike bases. 1 Will be for my alternative Chaos Lord/Sorcerer.

Anyhow I can't wait for Friday as Khairul has promised me a game with his Saim Hann army.
So far I've played 3 games. 2 lost and a draw, not too bad I would say. Still there's time for me to learn and improve.

For more info on Legio and the latest standings on the league, head on to

Till next time.

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deathkorps said...

Those bases look sweet dude!